AIDA Introduction to Freediving

This course offers basic knowledge of freediving and development of introductory skills such as relaxation of body and mind, finning techniques, and safety procedures such as equalisation, all necessary and vital to enjoy freediving safely.

Designed to cater to the complete beginner, it aims to help you discover the wonderous underwater world, up to 10 metres deep, via the purest form of diving.

For those who wish to explore and experience freediving but are not yet familiar with any underwater activity, this first introductory course is tailored to you.


  • Theory session: physiology, respiration, and security systems

  • Freediving breathing and relaxation techniques

  • An Open Water session for students to practice their diving technique 

  • A Pool session for students to practice the holding breath technique (in a heated indoor pool)

* If by the end of this course you decide to continue with the AIDA 2 certification, you will not be charged for this course.

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  • You need to be at least 18 years old

  • You need to know how to swim

  • You need to provide a recent medical certificate stating that you “do not suffer from any medical condition or that you do not have medical contraindications for freediving”

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